#Hashtag Challenge - Deep Dhar

Hey everyone, glad to say y'all that we as a team, OrganiCod3rs have successfully qualified to the final round of DECOV 2020.

I don't know how to express my emotions. It's a first hackathon for me, as well as for my team. It's been a wonderful experience learning new things throughout the 2 weeks of our journey creating the project.

I got to implement my knowledge of application development using flutter for the first time which I learnt this year itself and I'm extremely happy and proud for that. My teammate Alok Kumar Sah is also a flutter beginner just like me and we both have tried our level best to put down all our knowledge into this project to bring the best out of it.

My other teammates NIVEDITA PRASAD Aman R. and Alok Kumar have also done their best and made out Project more stand out with their web development skills which is absolutely amazing.

Participating on this hackathon not only taught me how to implement my skills and bring out a working model out of it, but also improved my skills to work as a team. Our team had a wonderful cooperation among ourselves and that's the main reason behind our success.

Qualifying the 2nd round and making it till the finals was amazing for us and hope we win the finals too.

#decov2020 #Decov2020 #Codetigers2020

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